Why I am proud to be a Private Practice Family Medicine Physician

I remember when I was in medical school, my residency counselor asked me if I was sure if I wanted to be a family medicine doctor. She reminded me that the pay was poor compared to surgical specialties and that it would be hard to practice in an inner city environment doing OB like I wanted to. As a medical student, my favorite rotation was family medicine and I enjoyed it because each patient had a different story. I had the opportunity to treat children, adults as well as

What do I tell Franklin?

As I sit in my new office in between patients, I do not feel the joy that I should. As the only black primary care physician in my town, I feel a sense of pride that cannot be explained when patients congratulate me for opening a practice that is impacting the health of so many in our town. However, I feel a sense of fear every day. I feel a sense of fear of being pulled over by the police while on my way to the hospital to perform delivery. I feel a sense of fear when I a